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KIU Law Society Exhibits the Spirit of Humanity

KIU Law Society Exhibits the Spirit of Humanity

Following the recently finished activity indebted KIU law week, the KIU Law Students Association have proven themselves to have exhibited the spirit of humanity offering free services in and outside the Campus. A number of activities were carried out including cleaning compound, organizing lecture rooms and many others.

According to the KIU Law President Moses Osia, “the unity and brotherhood that the law students have exhibited is so enthralling. It’s no wonder we stand as the most prestigious association in this campus as per now and it is because of the togetherness we have for each other as law students.”

Osia added that the law association does very many activities yearly from the KIU Law Run to the KIU Car Wash among others whereby they offer a helping hand to the community.

Also, during an interview with Enid Kobusingye, one of the students, she expressed that as the law society, they always stand to represent everyone’s voice in society and therefore consider humanity as the most important thing in society. She added that part of caring about others involves the ability to go on ground and minister to the people whilst meeting them at their point of need.

A few other students thanked their President Moses Osia for the hard work and perseverance he has always shown to develop the KIU Law Society, and they urged the next president to come and perform wonders just like Osia has done.