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Kiiza Hopes to Use His Law Degree to Juggle his Various Hats

Kiiza Hopes to Use His Law Degree to Juggle his Various Hats

KIU, Main Campus – Smith Kiiza is a man who wears many hats. The KIU Law degree graduate-to-be on Saturday, April 24 defines himself as “a lawyer, activist, legal expert, singer, songwriter, musician, poet, novelist, worshipper, author and criminologist.”

And the young advocate, who is currently pursuing his bar course at the Law Development Center (LDC), hopes to use his Law Degree to further his ambitions in the various fields he holds interests in.

“My work explores religion, politics, isolation and personal relationship with the Holy Spirit,” Kiiza says.

And the field will not be a new chapter for him. Kiiza has already tested the waters of the working world, working with the Parliament of Uganda and Angalia, Busiku & co. Advocates as a consultant.

The young lawyer has also participated in the research drafting of various bills and acts of parliament like the Local Governments Act, NSSF Act, Parliamentary Elections Act, presidential Election Act and he also drafted the Tree Planning Bill among others.

The Master’s Degree graduate in Bible studies from the World Bible College is also an accomplished author, with eight works to his name. Some of the books he has published include; The New World Order: Fetching the new Generation, If Love is Real, Why Does it Hurt, The Spiritual Worker, Rights of Accused Persons in Criminal Justice System, Proposed Implementation of Intellectual Property Laws, and Principles of Intellectual Property Law – all of which are available on

With such telling accomplishments already under his belt, the sky is surely the limit for Kiiza. 

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