About SOL


i. To develop and support practical programmes for using law in the services of societal needs and interests, including legal clinic, moot court trials, and other societal necessary services. In addition, school members are enjoined to harness their academic expertise to the services of the host community;

ii. To provide students with a pleasant studying experience, to treat them fairly and with respect, to be sensitive to their needs, difficulties, and expectations as junior members  of our academic community; 

iii. To train students to stand up for rule of law, to inculcate an aspiration for improvement of the law, and for the operation of legal system, and also for the achievement of social justice;

iv. To educate and train students for community leadership and for civic responsibility. To play an outreach role in terms of clinical programmes, extensive networking and building of partnerships;

v. To provide students with extensive instruction in legal research and technology offering, including the use of electronic legal research databases;

vi. To provide students with understanding of the Ugandan legal system and sources of law;

vii. To provide opportunity for students to receive applicable training, practical skills and necessary education to effectively contribute to their legal environment;

viii. The overall goal of the school is the education, training and development of students thereby fostering an understanding and appreciation of the law, ethical responsibilities, and practical training to enhance their personal and professional ability to adapt and grow with changes in the legal environment