About SOL


The School of Law endeavours to a vibrant academic community, featuring intellectual effervescence and openness to the outside world. Our community is founded upon core academic values-primarily, search for knowledge, better understanding of the universe, identifying challenges and their causes and developing solutions to improve our world while treating all members of the community with respect and humility.

  1. The School of Law seeks to provide its students with top-notch legal training that will equip them to embark on a life-long career in the service of law and society characterized by professional excellence and commitment to equity, fairness and high ethical standard;
  2. The School of Law is committed to a vision of law as a mechanism for the betterment of society and seeks to instill in our students , inter alia by a way of example, the idea that law serves as a mechanism to curb social vices;
  3. The School of Law is pluralistic institution where skills and knowledge are developed for the benefit of human being in an atmosphere free of discrimination and prejudice;
  4. The School of Law is also committed to ensuring the diversity of our students’ ethnicities, religions and cultures;
  5. The School of Law is committed to develop cutting-edge research, to educate future leaders of Uganda’s legal community and East African region; and 
  6. Committed to nurture future generations of outstanding legal scholars.